Episode 282a ~ Fall Television part 1

What is in store for us this fall? (2006) coming to television.
Listen to what the crew has to say, and we may even have some inside information on what is coming up as well!

Episode 282b ~ Fall Television part 2

Episode 282b part two of two. Fall Television discussion.

Episode 281a ~ Terry Goodkind part 1

Terry Goodkind (born 1948) is a contemporary American writer and author of the best-selling epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truth, which according to his publisher TOR in an August, 2006 press release has more than 10 million copies in print and been translated into 20 different languages

Offical Site : http://www.terrygoodkind.com/

Episode 281b ~ Terry Goodkind part 2

Terry Goodking interview part two of two.

Episode 279a ~ Richard Hatch

Episode 279 part 1 of 2
Richard Hatch interview

From his website:
Richard Hatch is an internationally known actor, teacher and speaker who has sustained recognition in such series as All My Children, The Streets of San Francisco (for which he won Germany’s Bravo Award, equivalent to an Emmy Award), and Battlestar Galactica (for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award). Richard is currently playing the continuing role of Tom Zarek on the SciFi Channel’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series now entering its third season of production! Richard is also an author of five original Battlestar Galactica novels! And his next project, The Great War of Magellan, is underway. Learn more about the man.


Episode 279b ~ Walter Koenig

Episode 279 Part 2 or 2.
Walter Koenig live interview.

Walter Marvin Koenig (born September 14, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor, writer, teacher and director, best known for his roles as Chekov in Star Trek, and as Bester on the series Babylon 5.

Walter’s Website: http://www.walterkoenigsite.com

Episode 274a ~ William Shatner roast part 1

Episode 274 part 1 of 2
Live from Hollywood @ the Comedy Central roast of William T. Shatner
Capitan Kirk gets cooked? this time is not Klingons its from his cast members and friends
Behind the scenes interviews from the ‘red carpet’ and VIP press room
Mr Shatners website.
Comedy Central link to the roast and related information:
* May not be suitable for children!

Episode 274b ~ William Shatner roast part 2

Episode 274 part 2 of 2
Continued audio from the Gilliam Shatner roast, rap up and thoughts

Episode 263a ~ Alien Adventures

Alien adventures the adventure episode #4, live interview with the producers of the show.

Episode 263b ~ Lightstream

The lightstream company developed a virtual world engine used in the computing industry and video games. Here’s our live interview with some of the key members of the company.