StarFest 2008 ~ Cliff Simon

I had a chance to meet with Cliff Simon (Stargate SG-1). Cliff has been a Model , stunt man, Olympic swimmer and he is very upbeat. When he came by our table he was sticking his tongue out , and basically being a total ham but we sat down and had a very nice chat about his work in the entertainment industry.


This segment was captured while on the convention floor, so there is a ton of other stuff going on in the background, but its was still fun to meet with Cliff Simon

BUMPERS : What are they

Glad you asked, each time we have a guest on our show, we ask them to just state who they are, what they do and that they are on i-sci-fi. Not that we would lie, but we do want our fans to know that these shows are the real thing and our guest are the real person.

I have included a few bumpers of recent guests and will add more as time goes on.
hnack at

BUMPER : Terry Goodkind

A bumper from Author Terry Goodkind when he was on our live show.

BUMPER : Richard Hatch

Yes we met with Richard Hatch in person. Here is and audio bumper from Richard.

BUMPER : Chase Masterson

5 second bumper from Chase Masterson.

Thank you Chase for the audio bumper.