Movie Review ~ The Messengers (2007)

THE MESSENGERS ~ Release date Feb. 2, 2007

Tag line: There is evidence to suggest that children
are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomena.
They see what adults cannot. They believe what
adults deny. And they are trying to warn us.

Plot Outline: An ominous darkness invades a seemingly
serene sunflower farm in North Dakota, and the
Solomon family is torn apart by suspicion, mayhem
and murder

~~ My Review ~~

A city family moves to a farm in North Dakota.
With elements of “The Birds” , “The Grudge”,

“The Messengers” may be a Asian horror genre, but
the flow of this movie is not you asking what is around the
next corner.

The scare or frights in this movie are enough to make you jump,
but do not contain gore or just raw horror.

More than once did I get pulled on by my wife when you
see something that make you jump.

Kristen Stewart play Jess, a typical 15 year old that
just thinks moving from the big city to a farm is a (duh waste).
She is great in this movie, going from brat to heroine in under
90 minutes. You want to smack her for her attitude, then give
her a high 5 the next time.

Penelope Ann Miller is Denise (MOM), and she is showing her
age! Jess and Denis to no get along at all, and Denise is
quick to blame when Jess knows the house has a hidden secret,
but what (go see the movie).

Dylan McDermot plays Roy(Dad). He is single minded and set
on getting the farm going, and meets up with Jon Corbett
(Burwell), who just shows up in their feild shooting crows
(black birds), when they start to swarm around the house.

I will say found that myself on the edge wondering what
the deal was with the birds.
You need to pay attention to this movie, like other
Asian horror movies, things are not what they seem.

The cast is great, however I would have rather seen more character
development with Jess and Mom, and a bit more interaction
with Dad. This movie runs 84 minutes, which was well spent
but I still came out asking , what about this or what about
that ..

Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material, disturbing violence and terror.

Scale of 1-10: SOLID SEVEN (7).

Mr. Hn@ck

~~~ Additional INFO ~~~


Kristen Stewart : (Jess); Zurtha, Catch that kid, Panic Room

Dylan McDermott : DAD (Roy); The Pratice,
;Penelope Ann Miller : MOM (Denise); Carlito’s Way,
Kindergarten cop, Adventures in baby sitting.

John Corbett Burwell: Sex and the city; (Aidan ‘AID IN’).

Evan/Theodore Turner (son), little Ben (age 2??)


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