Episode 296b ~ LTUE 2007 Live Part 2 of 2

Life the Universe and Everything (www.ltue.org), symposium recorded live 15-Feb-2007

Segment includes interviews with
Gloria and Ed Skurzynski, Julie E. Czerneda, Stacy Whitman.

Episode 295b ~ Howard Tayler

Episode 295b With Howard Tayler

Original broadcast 08-Feb-2007

Segment RunTime approx 54:03

Episode 280a ~ Heather Hayashi

Heather Hayashi is a gamer, yes a gamer! She also is a great author. Sit back and geek, err I mean chill out and take a listen to our live interview with her.

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Episode 280b ~ Jayel Gibson

Live Interview with author and video game girl Jayel Gibson

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