Episode 297a ~ OneManStarWars Interview ~ Part 1 of 2

I am your father

Charles Ross…

Best known as the mastermind behind the infamous One Man Star Wars Trilogy and One Man Lord of the Rings, Charles Ross is a Canadian actor who has followed his heart and his career from one side of the continent to the other…

Our live interview with Charles Ross,

Episode 296b ~ LTUE 2007 Live Part 2 of 2

Life the Universe and Everything (www.ltue.org), symposium recorded live 15-Feb-2007

Segment includes interviews with
Gloria and Ed Skurzynski, Julie E. Czerneda, Stacy Whitman.

Episode 295a ~ Robert J. Defendi

Episode 295a with Robert J. Defendi

Original broadcast 08-Feb-2007

Segment Runtime approx 69:11

Episode 295b ~ Howard Tayler

Episode 295b With Howard Tayler

Original broadcast 08-Feb-2007

Segment RunTime approx 54:03

Episode 291a ~ Internet Media Part 1 of 2

Episode subject : Internet and media influences based on science fiction and real world science.

Episode 291b ~ Internet Media Part 2 of 2

Part two of our segment involving internet media and its influence on science.